MMM That’s a Tasty Table.



After seeing one of my tables on Etsy the CEO of Tasty burger contacted me and had me build some bar height versions of my industrial tables for his newest Tasty Burger location in the Harvard Square area of Boston.

For those of you who don’t know what Tasty Burger is, I refer you to the movie Pulp Fiction. Before Jules kills the guys that ripped off Marcell and treated him like a bitch, Jules samples one of the guys burgers and proclaims…”That’s a Tasty Burger”.

I’m not sure what took so long to open a restaurant with that name but I’m damn proud to have my tables in it.

So if you’re ever in Boston try out Tasty Burger, and maybe you too can proclaim…”That’s a Tasty Burger. There’s Three locations with plans for more.


Tasty Burger | Southie | 69 L Street, South Boston, MA 02127


1301 boylston street behind Fenway Park

Harvard Square

40 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138


It’s not what’s on the table it IS the table.

When my friend moved into a huge loft downtown he asked me to create a industrial dining table to fill the huge kitchen space. So, I made him this huge dining table. It’s ten foot long 1 3/4 thick maple butcher block top weighs in at 300lbs, 3.5 steel legs and braces make this thing capable of supporting a car. It will seat 10 people easily. Just in time for Superbowl festivities.

Industrial table

Industrial dining table Daylight

Industrial table assembly

Obligatory artsy fartsy shot

AHHHHHH OOOOOOO The wolfman putting together the table.

Industrial dining table detail of legs and Brace

Industrial dining table bottom

Industrial dining table Bottom after I attached the legs


Now we need 12 chairs

New project coming together

New project coming together

She’s 300 pounds of fun


You can now find a small assortment of my wares at COMPLEX Birmingham.



B’s kitchen Desk

B's new desk

A few posts back I said I had bought industrial lathe legs off ebay. Well they finally arrived and I spared no time mounting them to the butcher block top the previous owner left in the Honeycomb Hideout. The longest part of this project was waiting for the legs to get here. All in I spent $175 which is a far cry from the inspiration desk at $8250.

Industrial shoe mold used as Letter holder

Industrial shoe mold used as Letter holder

Industrial Kitchen Desk

Industrial Kitchen Desk

Industrial Kitchen Desk

Industrial Kitchen Desk

Reclaimed cabinets

Well while i’m waiting for the industrial lathe legs I bought off of ebay we took a little trip down to senate antiques. If you’ve never been it’s a cool place to find all kinds of old stuff. On our visit we bought a couple of small old cabinets. One for a warehouse phone and another for a microscope. I took the guts out of them and hung them in our bathroom for extra storage. I think I may pop one of the plugs out and put my toothbrush inside. We also bought an old tub to serve beverages in and something that i’m not sure what the hell it is, but I liked it and it’s hanging in our living room.

New bathroom cabinets

New industrial bathroom cabinets

Phone cabinet and microscope cabinet

Phone cabinet and microscope cabinet

emergency phone

emergency phone cabinet


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