Maru modern.

Ok, so you may be asking what the hell Maru is. Well in japan it’s a large ship but for me it came out one day when I was talking to my dog Tilly. I said tilly…Tilly Maru! And, well it just stuck. I also have another dog named Thai who actually listens. Tilly went with the X wife.

My plan here is to document the redesign of a 50’s ranch I just bought.

What I lack in funds I make up for in creativity. So if you see something here you like please feel free to comment.

Here’s a pic of Tilly Maru

Tilly Maru

Here are some pics of previous projects I’ve done.

modern wood decorations

Decorative panels I made from scrap wood


Dining table and Stairs I designed

Antique industrial molds and Pillows I made from reclaimed wool

Art cove with I painting I did, "I hope It's Him" 1987

Poster I made of my dog Thai

Kitchen I put in. Hi Thai

Patio with Sandblasted glass panels and Bee Brulee Drinking a beer

Modern Sandblasted glass panels and fence detail. In the foreground is the "Friend bench" I designed and built that expands from six to over nine feet.

Fence I designed and built with off the shelf Depot materials. Assametrically placed electrical conduit with simple hardiboard planks. I threw a few landacape spots on it at night and it makes for some nice shadow play.


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2 responses to “Maru modern.”

  1. beebrulee says :

    Good Stuff, Maru! Great kitchen with lots of good space planning!

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