A little inspiration.

Ok, so here’s a little update. Been working for a week and have very little to show for it. The crazy paint is still here. Now I’m usually not a fan of painting wood, but nothing matches in the house so I am going to paint all the trim white with a light gray for the walls. I’ve also been patching holes and taking poor design choices off the walls. Meanwhile I’ve been planning what to do with the space. Here are some better pics of what I’m working with.

Reverse view of kitchen

Reverse view of kitchen

View of kitchen from outside

View of kitchen from outside

pretzels n beer

Maybe this is why i'm not getting anything done.

the blur is from the beer

the blur is from the beer

Things should start to move along a bit faster now. I’d like to move some stuff in over Thanksgiving weekend. I did take all the doors off, removed the hinges and door handles and gave them a thorough de-greasing and lick of paint.

Door handles and hinges

Door handles and hinges

I’ve been searching out ideas to incorporate into the house here’s a cool industrial shelf someone made from black pipe and reclaimed wood. I’m thinking something like this but on a grander scale…let’s say a huge wall unit with a place to set a flat screen TV and accessories.

Diy industrial shelf

Diy industrial shelf

I also ran across this huge lamp. Which looks like I could very easily make from Black pipe. I love the size of this. Maybe for outside?


Now the fireplace needs some love as well and I found some inspiration from this head board from the Union Wood Company. Imagine the whole fireplace covered like this. I might be afraid of it catching on fire though.


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3 responses to “A little inspiration.”

  1. Debbie Feit says :

    You mean you don’t like the purple walls with the red tile?

  2. Best Sista says :

    Dude I love the headboard in the last pic and the lamp!! I vote yes…you are one talented boy. You must have gotten it from your beautiful, talented and intelligent sister. xoxoxo

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