Sniffing paint

Herman Miller Shell Chair

Herman Miller Shell Chair

The paint fumes are still lingering and I think the oil paint I used for the trim has given me a week long buzz. It really is nasty stuff.

Moving is awful and especially so in the cold, but I finally got all my stuff moved in with the help of my brothers and their wives.
I’ve been arranging furniture, hanging pics and have just today got internet and cable. And woke up this AM with a horrible cold but beebrulee is coming to the rescue with delicious cookies and medicine.

Bruce Burdick executive desk for Herman miller
Bruce Burdick executive desk for Herman miller

The office is up and working and for some reason is really warm. Maybe because it’s the smallest of the rooms it’s just more noticeable. It’s cold and snowy today so I really don’t mind.

If you remember this closet had blue walls and ceiling. After putting it all back together I realize how meager my wardrobe is. Which jeans and t-shirt shall I wear today?


The living room wall is huge, so i designed a 16 foot long entertainment center and book shelf based on this shelving unit albeit with some changes.

Living room wall

Blank Living room wall

modern entertainment center

Soon to come black pipe entertainment center

The different colored squares are Just place holders for my antique industrial molds. The long shelf will hold electronics and will either be sliding metal mesh or doors. Lots of display space for books and “stuff” which I seem to have way too much of.

A lot of things planned I need to do yet. Holidays too.


Dining table

Modernica Dining table


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