Ok, so my fireplace may not be totally fugly but it is ugly and i’m kind of tired ignoring it. I want a fireplace that sings LOOK AT ME I’M AWESOME!!!

Funny where you find inspiration. I was looking around on the web And I saw this lady had put metal boxes randomly in stacked logs. That’s pretty cool. But I’m way too lazy to split all that wood. I really just let that idea go and didn’t think about at all. THEN like Poseidon’s trident! It hit me. Do the opposite.

Fireplace wood

Fireplace wood

I busted out my google sketchup program and did this real quick.

Modern industrial Fireplace

Modern industrial Fireplace

Fugly Fireplace

Fugly Fireplace

Then I took into photoshop and added some wood.

Modern industrial fireplace

Modern industrial fireplace

I like it a lot. I thought that the wood might catch fire but people put wood right next to the fireplace all the time and nothing happens.

The main portion of the fireplace will be covered with simple tile backer painted grey-ish, and I’ll have the wood box fabricated out of metal and hang it where the other awesome oak one is now.

What do ya’ll think?


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2 responses to “Fuglyplace”

  1. Best Sista says :

    Love it….but I also loved the other idea you had with the wood planks. Dude you are so talented I am sure anything you do will be fabtabulous!! Love ya tons!

  2. cupcake says :

    love the idea…very cool…

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