Less fugly fireplace

For those of you who don’t remember here’s a pic of the fireplace as it was when I bought the house.

Fireplace before

Fireplace before

I started painting each brick individually  but soon abandoned that idea as it was taking too long and I wasn’t real happy how it was turning out. LAME!!!

Here’s a couple of iphone pics of that progress.

Fireplace progress

Fireplace progress 2

Fireplace progress 2

I ended up painting the whole thing a real dark brown…almost black brown. I’m still going to re-do the mantle with a more industrial look. Right now it’s painted a black with a crinkle finish.

Industrial Modern fireplace

Industrial Modern fireplace

This headboard is the inspiration for the mantle…for now. I always seem to change stuff or come up with another idea.


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2 responses to “Less fugly fireplace”

  1. Best Sista says :

    Looks great Patrick and congrats on making the top 100 list. Keep me posted!!!! Love ya!

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