Maybe a fence

This is a fence I designed and fabricated in 2010 out of regular off the shelf stuff from the Depot®. The horizontal slats are Hardi board siding weaved through asymmetrically placed electrical conduit. Actually, I designed and built the whole back yard. I had these HUGE tempered glass panels the construction guys left in the garage so I masked off a design in them and sandblasted them to make them opaque. With the addition of a light behind them they made a heavenly glow at night.

Here’s a couple more shots of the whole back yard.


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5 responses to “Maybe a fence”

  1. Bill macdonald says :

    Love the fence! Found the link from your post on lifeofanarchitect blog. Will likely “borrow” your design 😉

    • marumodern says :

      Hi Bill.
      It’s really a simple fence to put together and looks 1000% better than some off the shelf fence. You can paint the hardiboard as well because it holds paint for years.
      I’m glad you like it. Send me some pics of the finished product and i’ll put it on the blog.

  2. Kevin Jemison (@kevinisdigital) says :

    I agree, very impressive and noted for later theft.

  3. Napkinqueen says :

    I was considering Hardi board for fence project I am doing. Instead of weaving the boards, I was To run them horizontally, but not woven. Instead, I’m doing woven willow panels, with dry dry stacked rock walls under willow; ea panel dim. 4′ x 6′ .
    Hope it turns out nicely.

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