It’s not what’s on the table it IS the table.

When my friend moved into a huge loft downtown he asked me to create a industrial dining table to fill the huge kitchen space. So, I made him this huge dining table. It’s ten foot long 1 3/4 thick maple butcher block top weighs in at 300lbs, 3.5 steel legs and braces make this thing capable of supporting a car. It will seat 10 people easily. Just in time for Superbowl festivities.

Industrial table

Industrial dining table Daylight

Industrial table assembly

Obligatory artsy fartsy shot

AHHHHHH OOOOOOO The wolfman putting together the table.

Industrial dining table detail of legs and Brace

Industrial dining table bottom

Industrial dining table Bottom after I attached the legs


Now we need 12 chairs


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2 responses to “It’s not what’s on the table it IS the table.”

  1. Marcia says :

    Where did you source the table legs?

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